Black Methodists for Church Renewal,Inc.
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Our Time Under God is Now!



This is not the time to be bound by ineffective norms and financial scarcity induced assumptions.  The charge here is to begin the work necessary to bring people together to discuss the pertinent issues of our day.  We must discuss race and racism in our communities and in our churches.  We must discuss the plight of our children and the policies we have in place, civilly and liturgically, that binds them and hold them at bay.  The purpose of these discussions is to move from the table to the streets and to State Halls, provided we are committed to ‘righting’ our own policies, procedures and attitudes in the church and we are prepared to model what we believe to be best for our world.

The following list of resources are far from exhaustive, but they are beginnings.  You may also join any/all Black Methodists for Church Renewal (BMCR) Facebook conversations and you may reach out to our Office Staff to report the actions you have taken in your geographic area or online platform.


RACE MATTERS (A toolkit to help frame and guide conversations about race)

SACRED CONVERSATIONS ABOUT RACE (The UCC has a complete resource guide you may access to learn ways of engaging meaningful congregation and conference-based conversations. You may also consider partnering with a nearby UCC congregation to get things started and to broaden input and impact.)

DO’S AND DON’TS OF TEACHING BLACK HISTORY (It cannot be relegated to a month of activities about 5 or 6 individuals)

HATE MAP (Know where “hate” activities are harbored within your area):

SCHOOL-TO-PRISON-PIPELINE (The criminalization of our children is nothing short of inhumane)


A New Dawn in Beloved Community, Bishop Linda Lee, General Editor

Race and Theology by Elaine A. Robinson

Understanding & Dismantling White Racism:  The Twenty-First Century Challenge to White America by Joseph Brandt


  • Health Care
  • Criminal Justice
  • Immigration
  • Voting Rights Act