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DATE: 16 April 2015

Media Contact: Dr. Larry R. Hygh, Jr.

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UMC Ethnic Caucuses Release “I Too, Am United Methodist”

Video series reflects on what it means to be United Methodist from five ethnic caucuses

Atlanta, Georgia – The five ethnic caucuses of the United Methodist are releasing a video series called “I Too, Am United Methodist.”  The series was filmed during last year’s historic gathering of the denomination five United States based ethnic caucuses in St. Louis, Missouri.

The caucuses are Black Methodists for Church Renewal (BMCR), Metodistas Asociados Representando la Causa de los Hispano-Americanos (MARCHA), the National Federation of Asian American United Methodists, the Native American International Caucus , and the Pacific Islander National Caucus of United Methodists (PINCUM).

The Rev. Dr. Cedrick D. Bridgeforth, Chair of BMCR says, “The idea for the video is patterned after a project by black students at Harvard University. After viewing their video and hearing their stories, it was clear their experience at a predominantly white institution was similar to the stories of non-anglo persons within the United Methodist Church.”

The title for the project is a take off the Langston Hughes poem, “I, Too, Am America.”  The series is being produced by a young adult member of BMCR, Brennen Boose.

Monalisa Tu’itahi, Executive Director of PINCUM , says, “This is a great way to express our commitment to the Church and our full inclusion in its workings and its witness.”  She added, “This is a good time to release this video as we are beginning our second year of intentional collaboration on issues and programs that will benefit each caucus and our denomination.”

The first video in the series can be viewed and downloaded for free from the site, https://youtu.be/6aZiS3lAN7M