2017 Youth Harambee

The HARAMBEE youth conference is a community of persons coming together to experience relationships in a diverse group of youth and adults, and to proclaim the wonder and beauty of God through song, dance, scripture, lectures, workshops, and recreation. Our life together is so important that we call all participants and leaders to enter into covenant together regarding the mutual responsibilities we all share. Being in covenant means we each honor our life together as a Christian community and it means that we take seriously the admonition to beware of becoming a stumbling block to anyone at this conference. It means we enter into a binding solemn agreement with each other and our God. We are bound together as the family, seeking first the good of each other. Each of us must, therefore, support HARAMBEE with the best of our abilities, time, presence, and prayers. Surely then God will add the increase. Click here for application.


There are plenty of opportunities for youth to be involved in BMCR.  Click below for more information.

  • Youth Harambee
  • Start a Youth Caucus