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Friday, September 22, 2017
Our Time Under God is Now!

Resources for Growth and Leadership

The Politics of Ending Church Discrimination: The United Methodist Story

W. Astor Kirk

The Politics of Ending Church Discrimination analyzes, interprets and assesses intra-denominational politics directed at eliminating those three types of institutional discrimination from the mainline denomination of which Kirk has been a member for more than seventy years.  
This book is intended for both academic and general-public audiences, particularly those comprised of program agencies of the United Methodist Church and the 38,000 local congregations of that denomination. The book is also available at Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

The Purpose-Living Leader: A Legacy of Leadership

Paul E. Bryant

“Purpose-Living Leaders challenge us to reach for a higher standard. Remember where there were leaders worthy of our respect and adulation because they stood for something? John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela encouraged us to reach deep within ourselves to find greatness as did Mother Theresa and Mahatma Ghandi. These altruistic legacy leaving leaders stand out because they stood up.”

How to Market Your Ministry:

Communication Tools & Tactics You Need for Evangelism

Bunnie Jackson-Ransom

Ms. Jackson-Ransom’s book includes:
Definitions and Setting Goals
    * Marketing/Publications/Communications
    * Setting Goals and Objectives

Internal Public Relations – Communications Within the Church
    * Defining Your Target: With Whom Are We Communicating?
    * Communications Tools: How to Create and Use Them

External Public Relations – The Broader Picture
    * Marketing
    * Community Affairs
    * Media Relations
    * Advertising
    * Special Promotional Events
    * Special Efforts for the Pastor
    * Managing a Media Crisis
    * Putting What You Have Learned to Work
    * How Design Can Transform Your Church Image

Bunnie Jackson-Ransom --
404.505.8188; Email:
P.O. Box 110090 – Atlanta, GA  30311


The Africana Worship Book Year C

Valerie Bridgeman Davis and Safiyah Fosua, Editors


New calls to worship, liturgies, prayers, litanies, offertory prayers, doxologies, choral readings, creeds, chants and benedictions—all related to Year C of the Revised Common Lectionary. A bound-in CD is included, making it easy to reproduce the materials for use in worship. Discipleship resources.

Book with CD $32.00.

Visit to purchase.


Companion to the Africana Worship Book
Hardcover $22.00

From the Streets to the Pulpit

Rev. Dr. Brian W Jackson is an adult survivor of child abuse, addiction, and homelessness.  Rising from his difficult beginnings, Rev. Jackson became an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church.  While homeless in his early twenties, the pivotal point of his life came when a network of preachers, missionaries, churches, and other institution throughout Baltimore provided for him.  Jackson credits the acts of charity of a network of people and institutions with not only preserving his life, but serving as witnesses to the type of lifestyle he now aspires for.  Today he leads workshops on addiction, homelessness and in other areas. He considers his life struggles as foundational to his vocation, and strives to help others struggling to overcome similar adversities. His personal mission statement is “To go wherever to reach the lost at any cost”.  This riveting book is a testament of his journey, trials, tribulations and victories.
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FOCUS  Living the Lord's Prayer

Tyrone D. Gordon

Faithful, Open, Centered, United, and Solid add up to FOCUS—the key ingredients of Christian living. Beginning with his own testimony, Pastor Tyrone D. Gordon invites pastors and churches to F.O.C.U.S. by living the Lord's Prayer.

God Delivers Me

God Delivers Me is a new book and DVD about the efforts of the SBC21 Coordinating Committee to address what we need to do to keep our United Methodist churches strong and vital. God Delivers Me is a critical assessment of SBC21's work that gives a holistic view of the Action Plans approved by the 1996, 2000, and 2004 General Conferences of The United Methodist Church.

Something Within

Gilbert H. Caldwell

While published as a tribute to Caldwell and his wife, Grace, on the eve of their 50th wedding anniversary, the volume serves to challenge readers to think theologically about contemporary justice issues ranging from the latest Supreme Court rulings about school integration to the challenges of disability, the war in Iraq, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and politics both in the church and society.  Those who know Caldwell will celebrate having in one volume many of his significant writings, while new generations of readers will be challenged to confront the prophetic and pastoral perspectives of a Christian leader whose life-long passion reflects loving and liberating justice.
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