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Message from Former Board Chair Rev Gil Caldwell


I have written over and over again, that “A Way Forward” for the
UMC should be an embrace of the Black Church, a challenge to
white privilege and supremacy, and a commitment to be a Racial Justice Church.
The R & R video that features Vance Ross and Rudy Rasmus, I have
suggested, should be a “must read” for every delegate. Rescinding the anti-homosexuality legislation should be a prelude to a renewed response to race and racism.
In 1972 at the General Conference, I As national Chair Of BMCR I
spoke to the expectations BMCR had for the “new” UMC. The last minute homosexuality legislation Side-tracked that.
The UMC meeting in Black History Month, must not fail to allow that calendar coincidence to provide rationale for mission and ministry re: Black Community/Black Church. My April 12, 1969 article, “Black Folk in White Churches” in The Christian Century Magazine, addressed this.
Gil Caldwell

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