There are five official racial ethnic caucuses of the United Methodist Church:

Native American International Caucus (NAIC)

Executive Director: Anne Marshall

NAIC was the first Native American church-related group in the U.S. to receive funding from President Bush’s faith-based and community initiative program. The funding was used in 2006 to co-sponsor Native P.R.O.U.D., a conference for Native American youth on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. In 1983 NAIC created the National United Methodist Native American Center, housed at UM-related Claremont School of Theology.

Pacific Islander National Caucus of United Methodists (PINCUM)

Executive Director: Monalisa Tuitahi

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PINCUM represents United Methodists of Chamorran, Fijian, Hawaiian, Samoan and tongan descent. Based in Los Angeles, the group drafted a petition to approve a study of Pacific Island ministries in 10 regional areas of the denomination. It was approved at the 2008 General Conference.

Metodistas Associados Representando la Causa de Hispano-Americanos (MARCHA)

Raul Alegria- Presidente

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MARCHA leaders are focused on issues such as the emerging needs of Hispanic/Latinos in the United States, particularly immigration. As an advocacy organization, MARCHA works to insure justice and fair treatment for immigrant workers through legislation and encourages concerned church members, caucuses and other groups to make their voices heard by lawmakers. For more information, visit

National Federation of Asian American United Methodists (NFAAUM)

Rev. Jacob S. Dharmaraj, NFAAUM President

NFAAUM urges full inclusion of Asian Americans in leadership, programs and administration of the United Methodist Church. It represents 10 ethnic groups in the church, including Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Formosan, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Lao, South Asian and Vietnamese. The caucus publishes a quarterly newsletter and supports Asian American ministries through its endowment fund.

Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Inc. (BMCR)
Rev. Dr. Cedrick Bridgeforth,  Chairperson, Board of Directors)