Who We Are

BMCR is the organized Black caucus of the United Methodist Church. We are one of the United Methodist denomination’s five U.S.-based ethnic caucuses. BMCR represents and is dedicated to more than 2,400 Black United Methodist congregations and approximately 500,000 African American members across the United States.

The BMCR caucus is vital because of its:

> Keen concern for the future of African Americans in the denomination;

> Ability to advocate for the interests and inclusivity of Blacks in the general church structures

> Exceptional nerve to serve as the spiritual agitating conscious of the church,

> Determination to raise up prophetic and spiritual leaders who will be advocates for the unique needs of Black people in The UMC.

A renewed transformed unified body of Christ on mission in the world.

The mission of Black Methodists for Church Renewal is to raise up prophetic and spiritual leaders who will be advocate for the unique needs of Black people in the United Methodist church.


> To empower Black Methodists for effective witness and service among pastors, laity in local churches, conferences, schools, and the larger community.

> To encourage and involve Black Methodists and others in the struggle for economic and social justice.

> To expose latent and overt forms of racism in all local, regional, and agencies and institutions of The United Methodist Church.

> To act as an agitating conscience on all boards and agencies of The United Methodist Church in order to keep them sensitive to the needs and expressions of a “genuinely” inclusive and relevant Church.

> To keep before the Church the crucial issues facing us by initiating action and supporting Church agencies which realistically deal with the needs of Black people; i.e., issues spelled out in “The Findings of Black Methodists for Church Renewal” and the other occasional documents adopted by BMCR.

> To initiate, develop, and implement strategies and instruments for the development, maintenance, and growth of strong Black local churches.

> To provide an instrument through which we can educate and cultivate the Black constituency of our Church toward a greater knowledge of missions within the U.S., Africa, and within the Caribbean.

> We, the people called Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Inc., created in the image of God, confess our Faith in a living and just God. We call ourselves and the entire United Methodist Church to repentance, to rebuild God’s Church as a community of faith, to declare the traditions and stories of the Bible and Black culture, to reclaim the black community and to liberate all people from racism and injustice everywhere.

To learn more about BMCR:

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