Take care of him; and when I come back, I will repay you whatever more you spend.
Luke 10, NRSV

The nature of health care has changed substantially since biblical times, but the importance of health care has remained the same. Consistent with the Social Principles and Book of Resolutions, the General Board of Church and Society advocates for health care as a human right that must be made available to all.

From our earliest days United Methodists have believed that providing health care to others is an important duty of Christians. John Wesley found ways to offer medical services at no cost to the poor in London. The first Methodist Social Creed (adopted in 1908) urged working conditions to safeguard the health of workers and community.

Experience, Equip, Engage

  1. Make a commitment to value health for others and for yourself equally.
  2. Start a Join 10:10 Team

Urge Congress to support continues health care reform.