Become an Immigrant Welcoming Community

Immigrant Welcoming Communities is an invitation to a journey for congregations that takes them into a reciprocal missional experience alongside and among immigrant communities. The journey is open to all congregations that wish to develop deeper, incarnational relationships among immigrant communities and who wish to engage in both mercy and justice. Learn about how to become an Immigrant Welcoming Community, and see those who have already done so at Immigrant Welcoming Communities.

Cotto to direct Immigrant Welcoming Communities (You can contact Sol Cotto at the General Board of Church and Society,

The story of the United States is the story of immigration. The history of the United States is characterized by waves of ethnic groups arriving to these shores searching for security and prosperity. Each new wave of immigrants has brought with them hopes and dreams of a better life, as well as unique strengths and contributions to give to the country as a whole. These strengths and contributions have made the United States a richer and more diverse tapestry of cultures. Unfortunately, each new wave of immigrants has also encountered the sting of prejudice and racial hatred from those already here, but who had so quickly forgotten their immigrant heritage. The immigrant values of labor, family and hope have transformed the United States and continue to bring much needed change today.

Experience, Equip, Engage

  1. Learn Spanish and other languages different from your own. Share meals, attend worship services and social events with people of other races, ethnicities and socio-economic classes than yourself.
  2. Urge your church and churches in your area to sponsor a Justice for Our Neighbors legal clinic through United Methodist Committee on Relief.
  3. Tell your member of Congress that enforcement-only immigration reform does not work and that what is needed is comprehensive immigration reform, which entails a path to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants, the protection of the rights of workers, and reunify families separated by migration and detainment

Visit the General Board of Church and Society’s website,,  for more information.