BMCR youth are the present and future of this organization. They are the foundation and support for BMCR’s growth. However, because many youth are not aware of what a BMCR youth caucus is, they do not know how to organize their own caucus at their local church.

To organize a BMCR youth caucus, you must be paid members of the National BMCR. The fee for the national membership for youth and students is $5 dollars annually. Likewise, to form a caucus, there must be at least 20 or more youth who are paid with a Sustaining Member, however, because some churches do not have 20 youth, youth can also form district caucuses — that is, local black churches who have less than 20 youth gathered to form a collective caucus. In order to form a district BMCR caucus, youth would have to be financially active at the national level; that is, active by participation and paying national membership fees annually.

What are the Advantages?

There are several advantages that the BMCR youth caucus offers young people. The BMCR youth caucus is a means of enabling and strengthening the network among different youth groups as well as served as a role model for black youth. It also strengthens the local United Methodist Youth Fellowship (UMYF) groups by exploring new ideas and projects thrusts that will encourage the growth of black youth. The BMCR youth caucus is also actively seeking an encouraging the involvement of black youth in district and conference youth activities.