Black Methodists for Church Renewal,Inc.
Saturday, August 27, 2016
Our Time Under God is Now!

Who We Are

BMCR is the organized Black caucus of the United Methodist Church. We are one of the United Methodist denomination's five
U.S.-based ethnic caucuses.
BMCR represents and is dedicated to more than 2,400 Black United Methodist congregations and approximately
500,000 African American members
across the United States.  
The BMCR caucus is vital because of its: 
-Keen concern for the future of African Americans in the denomination; 
-Ability to advocate for the interests and inclusivity of Blacks in the general church structures, 
-Exceptional nerve to serve as the spiritual agitating conscious of the church, 
-Determination to raise up prophetic and spiritual leaders who will be advocates for the unique needs of Black people in The UMC. 
 Alton Sterling          Philando Castile          Dallas
Black Methodists for Church Renewal,
Our thoughts and prayers go out to families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile whose names now join the ever-growing roll of unarmed black men and women killed by police.  We also stand in solidarity with the community members and activists who have come to their aid and who are calling for swift justice and an end to senseless, vigilante-style police killings...and now, Dallas.  Lord, have mercy.
Today is the day that we must get off our knees, continue praying, but get off our knees and call every public official and demand action. 
  • Call your local police precinct or division and let them know your congregation and community would like to host a Town Hall meeting to discuss how the community and police can work together to ensure no more killings happen on our watch.
  • Call your City Councilperson's Office all day, repeatedly if you must, and demand they inform the community of what they are doing in their district or ward to address issues of safety for the sake of the local residents. Offer your church as a location to hold public forum and create safe zones for children, if you have members who will support such actions. If you do not have members who see this as a necessary aspect of our mission, you have a new sermon to write for Sunday.
  • Call your members of Congress and ask them to stage a sit-in for black people who continue to be victimized everyday in this country.
  • Call your episcopal leader and demand a task force be formed immediately to address Race and Racism within the Annual Conference and local area. The stated outcome is a dialogue and plan of action that involves naming and dismantling of white supremacy and white privilege that perpetuates policies and behaviors that make black people unsafe within our system.
After you make your calls and as you schedule Community Forums and Town Hall Meetings with police and public officials, please post those activities on the BMCR Facebook page (or email: and we will post it) so others may be encouraged to do likewise.
We have sang and we have prayed, but have we done enough to let the world know we are tired of fearing for our lives and we are tired of fighting for basic freedoms in this country. We have sang and we have prayer, but have we done enough to let the world know that just because the news cycle changes every 24 hours, our memories and our psyche holds on to the faces, the cries and the images of black people hanging from trees, black people being gunned down at a Bible study, black people being executed in their cars by police, black people being left in the streets as if they are trash, black people being told their lives don't matter as much as other lives, and black people being silenced because they are black.
BMCR, today is the day. Pray while you do the work of raising up prophetic and spiritual leaders who will be advocates for the unique needs of black people in the United Methodist Church and in Louisiana, and in Minnesota, and in Texas and in your local community.
Peace and Grace, 
Deborah L. Dangerfield
BMCR, Inc.
March 8 - March 11 2017
Cincinnati, Ohio